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Setting Up a Chess Game

Over the past 1500 years, chess has gone through many modifications before ultimately becoming the game we now know. Some people hate the game, finding it tedious and dull. But the people who play it every single day, join chess clubs, play online, and enter chess tournaments will tell you that chess is actually very exciting. You just have to understand the way the game works.

The History of Chess

Although there is no official documented proof to support the theory, most historians believe that chess was first played in Persia. The historians also believe that chess was not meant to be a game at all, but rather to help the army generals learn and develop battle strategy. During the medieval era, chess made its way into Europe where it quickly became very popular. Everyone from members of the royal family all the way down the lowliest of peasants knew how to play chess. It is believed that it was in Europe that chess evolved from a battle plan and into a game of intelligence and strategy.

Board Placement

Before anyone can play chess, the board has to be properly set up. Every little detail of the set up is crucial. There is even a rule written in the “Laws of Chess” that explains that before two players an engage in play, the board must be positioned in such a manner that the bottom right square should be white, and that it should be the same for both players.

The Game Pieces

The chess pieces are meant to mirror the hierarchy of a European nation. The pawns represent the commoners, and are believed to be the most dispensable pieces. When playing chess, you should think of the pawns as foot soldiers. Next are the rooks. The rooks represent home or sanctuary. After the rooks, come the knights. During the medieval era, the knights were valued soldiers, prized by the royal family. On the chess board, the queen is the most powerful character. Even though the queen is the most feared game piece, the king is the one that must be protected at all times. If the king is captured, the game is over.


The placement of the game pieces is very important. When the pieces are set up properly, the order of the white King and Queen should be reversed from the black King and Queen. The pawns line up in front of the royals, When a player is playing whites, the pieces need to be set up left to right in the order of rook, knight, bishop, Queen, King, bishop, knight, rook.

Technically, chess has no set rule about starting a match if the pieces are not in the correct placement, but just because there is not a written rule it does not mean an unspoken one does not exist. Making sure that everything is in the proper order is a sign of respect towards the game and your opponent.

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