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Dump Truck Jobs

There are projects for a further 70,000 workers needed in the mining industry in Australia over the next ten years. Now is as good time as any to get into the lucrative mining in industry in Australia. There is a demand for skilled and unskilled workers which has seen a dramatic increase in wages over the years.

Western Australia has most of the action with over 200 mines in gold, uranium, nickel, and iron Ore being the main minerals being harvested. With mining companies Cvv dumps continuously opening new mines within their lease and also finding new land for exploration especially with iron ore and gold at record prices due to china there is no slowing down during this mining boom in any near future.

One popular occupation wanted by many wanting to get a job in the mining industry in Australia is driving the big dump trucks. It’s a job in high demand especially from the media lately showing people making over 100,000 dollars a year and only working 2 thirds of the year. It’s also in demand by a lot of people as the job itself is less physically demanding than others mining jobs. You are also out of the harsh weather that the western Australian outback provides especially its hot summers which it can reach up to 55 degrees during the hottest of days. There are many different types of rosters, dump trucks operators are on, it really depends on the company itself. 9 days on and 5 days off is becoming a popular roster among workers especially people that Fly in and Fly out from Perth and want to keep a healthy relationship with their other half in Perth. 2,3, or even 4 weeks can also be available which you will be working 13 days in a row and 12 hours days.

There is a myth that mining companies prefer women because they are gentler on the dump trucks than males. Scientifically they cope better with menial/ repetitive work than males which are more likely to fall asleep at the wheel, which is a mining company’s worst night mare. There is a shortage of rubber in the world today and a dump truck tire contains a lot of rubber. The companies monitor how many days they get out of each tire and if it appears that a specific driver is working the truck to hard and wearing out the tires quicker it won’t be long before they are told to slow down on acceleration.

Most the dump truck driving jobs are advertised in the newspaper in the mining section. More and more of the jobs are advertised on the company’s website itself. There is also traineeships available for people interested in obtaining a dump truck driving jobs in the mines in Australia. Some dump truck jobs are contracted out to specialize mining agencies.

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