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Marketing Life Insurance – Three Relationship Building Techniques to Close More Sales

Sam was worried about his electrical supply business, and rightly so.

The initial burst of growth over the first three years of the business had halted in the fourth year and in the fifth his sales and profitability were now going backwards.


Sam urgently needed more bank funding to keep the business afloat until he could drum up some more sales.

So he first met with Pam, his CPA, to complete a loan application and she started the meeting by reviewing the business’s financials.

“Not pretty” she observed.

“Agreed” said Sam.

“But I can’t figure out why we’re in free fall. Sure the GFC had an impact but we actually grew in the early stages of that buy now we’re going s128 backwards. And I really need this loan so the business can survive the drought we’re going through at the moment.”

An uneasy pause filled the room.

“Do you have a business plan Sam?” Pam asked, even though she knew the answer.

Another uneasy pause.

“Er… not as such” replied Sam.

“Well that may explain why your business is in decline. The importance of a good business plan is one of the fundamentals taught at every MBA college and if you hire any business consultant worth their salt it’s one of the first things they’ll want to put in place. Besides” she continued, “the bank’s going to want to see a business plan including your financial projections before they’ll even think about giving you a loan”.

Sam could see the logic of Pam’s argument but protested: “Okay but I’ve got no idea how to do a business plan, let alone financial forecasts. Frankly, that sort of stuff gives me a headache.”

“Well naturally I can help you with the numbers side of the plan. And as for the rest of it that’s no problem either” said Pam as she reached for the stack of business cards in her top drawer and handed one to Sam.

“This guy’s a friend of mine but that’s not the reason I’m referring you to him. He’s not only got an MBA he’s also a qualified business coach and he knows how to put together a plan that’ll impress the socks off the loans officer at your bank.”

Sam took the card, called the coach and they all lived happily ever after…

… not.

Quite the opposite in fact.

Sam met with Rudy, the business coach, who explained that yes, he could help but that he’d need $2,500 up front each month.

Sam didn’t have that sort of cash to spare so he paid with one of his credit cards and made a mental note to apply for another credit card, just in case he needed it to fund Rudy’s fee in the upcoming months.

After all, according to Pam and Rudy, getting that business plan sorted was not only the key to better business performance, it was also critical to getting the business growing again.

After a stressful couple of months, the business plan was completed, the loan applied for and thanks to the impressive chart in the plan which showed an upward trend in sales and profitability, the loan was granted, albeit with onerous monthly repayment conditions and the requirement for the inevitable noose-tightening personal guarantee.


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