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Selling Used Machines Online

In this period of general crisis of the financial market, there has been important changes in terms of supply and demand, costs of raw materials. for examples the cost of steel has been increasing day after day, causing some annoying problems to those companies which don’t’ have a big budget to invest to buy new machineries, in particular small and medium companies. According to a research, it was found out that several are the causes of the increasing price of steel: increasing Chinese demand, shortage raw materials, insufficient means of ship transportation and in general inadequate infrastructures, which are not able to supply the global market demand. As a consequence, big brands’ companies are obliged to increase the machines’ prices in order to afford extra fees.

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So what can be a good solution to overcome this nasty period? Well, somebody is investing in a new kind of business: selling their machine tools on line, generating in so doing an amount of money to reinvest in the company development. Both new and used machines can be sold in internet, on those B2B portals that can assure the customer reliable checking systems.

For this reason instead of using online auction websites, that can’t avoid from frauds, it’s better to rely on those portals where you can easily show all your machines in a virtual showcase and sell them in security. Some B2B portals allows you to both sell your used industrial machines and buy equipments, all at the same time, assuring the safety of both transactions without making you losing time.

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